David E. Cook

Reno, NV





Accomplished software developer and technical writer seeking opportunities to apply my expertise as a programmer/writer specializing in SDK development, or in application, tools, and system development.


Experience Overview:


Currently operating Dave Cook Consulting LLC, in Reno, Nevada specializing in Internet Technologies, Software Product Development, and Technical Consulting.


Experienced in software development in many languages, operating systems, and hardware.


Technical Skills Summary:



Provide consulting and contracting services. Experience includes requirements analysis, solution proposal, project management and implementation, and product deployment.



Internet applications, client/server and distributed database design, multi-tier systems design, graphics applications programming, communication hardware and protocols.



C, C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, various assembly and 4GL languages.



Web application development experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, .ASP.NET, XML, Java, and E-commerce applications. Server-side development experience in ISAPI and COM object development in MFC, ATL, VB, and Java. Microsoft DNA and Microsoft .NET technologies.



Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC, ADO, ADO.NET, OLE-DB and various RDBMS systems.



Installation, configuration and tuning. Programming experience with Microsoft Visual C++, MFC, ATL, VB. Development experience with .NET, Windows CE, multithreading, synchronization objects, Windows services, Windows Sockets, and RPCs. COM development of ActiveX components and Automation servers.



System Administration, Shell, Perl, and C programming, X Window programming. Experience in configuring and managing Apache server, CGI scripting with Perl, csh, and C.



Technical articles published in Microsoft Systems Journal (MSJ) and Microsoft Internet Developer (MIND) magazines.


Work history provided in the downloadable resume.


Education and Certifications:


BSEET - Colorado State University, Pueblo.


Numerous technical courses and symposiums attended in order to continue to keep up with the state of the art including Project Management, Communications Technology, Networking Technology, Technology Symposiums, Graphics Developers Conferences, C++ Programming, SQL Server 7.0 and 2000, Microsoft .NET.


Extra class amateur radio license (WA0TTN)


First class radiotelephone license with radar endorsement