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Swarm Live Wallpaper

Swarm is an animated simulation of flocking behavior in Nature. The Free version demonstrates some basic behaviors of various creatures - insects, birds, and fish. Swarming behavior is exhibited in many creatures of similar biology that tend to move together in coordinated, yet somewhat random, motion. These group motions may be attributed to food hunting, migration, or simply a social behavior. Whatever the cause, the motions are fascinating and even hypnotic when viewed under simulations such as this entertaining Live Wallpaper.

Swarm Live Wallpaper Free

The free version is completely ad-free and provides a selection of several preconfigured flocking behavior examples. You can install the free version of the Swarm Live Wallpaper for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

Swarm Live Wallpaper Explorer

The full version allows you to experiment with the various parameters controling the swarming behaviors and presentation, including:

The Explorer version of the Swarm Live Wallpaper for Android is also available on the Google Play Store.

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