The WinPSKX ActiveX Control in Action

This screenshot shows Moe Wheatley's original WinPSK program modified to use the WinPSKX ActiveX control in place of the original data display code. This modification was based on the V2.09 version of WinPSK.

The differences between my ActivePSK program and Moe's WinPSKX are:

Carpet Plot Display

This screenshot shows a QSO in progress. Note how clearly the received signal trace stands out in the 3 dimensional carpet view. There is also another QSO in progress, clearly visible, at about 14.072.300.

AGC Action

This screenshot shows the same QSO after K6AA signed over to WØIBV. Note how the AGC action has automatically boosted the AF gain now that K6AA's very strong signal went away. The AGC feature means you no longer have to manually tweak the AF gain control on your radio, the WinPSKX control can take care of adjusting the AF input to the best level without overloading the PSK31 decoder input.

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