WAØTTN Local Noon Calculator

The Noon Calculator program is a handy utility to determine exactly when it is noon at your QTH. This is used to determine due North, which is useful for aligning your beam antenna. When it is exactly noon at your QTH, the shadow projected by a vertical rod will point precisely North if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, or South if you're in the Southern Hemisphere. While the calculations are not difficult to do by hand, this little program handles the time math very easily for you.

To use the Noon Calculator, grab your daily newspaper and turn to the Weather section. The local sunrise and sunset times are usually listed somewhere on this page. Plug them into the program as shown in the following image, click the Compute button, and the result is displayed in the Local Noon field.

NoonCalc Image

Download the Noon Calculator program.

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Last updated August 14, 2003