WinPSKX ActiveX Control - Version 2.1

Version 2.1 - Public Release June 8, 2003

Moe Wheatley, AE4JY has kindly allowed me to collaborate with him on developing a PSK31 ActiveX control based on his PSK31 engine DLL. This control provides all the functionality you need to build your own PSK31 application using Visual Basic, Delphi, or C++ and with integrated visual data displays typically used in PSK31 applications. You drop this control into a Visual Basic form and within minutes can have a functioning PSK31 receiver. With a bit more coding for handling TX/RX control and persisting the user's settings, you can build a full-blown PSK31 application.

Information and downloads for the WinPSKX ActiveX control:
Screenshots Here are some screenshots and features of the WinPSKX control in a demonstration application.
Updated July 16, 2002.
Documentation Download the documentation if you would like to learn more about the control.
WinPSKX21 SDK Download the WinPSKX2 ActiveX control SDK. Please note that you may need to download a Microsoft Installer to install this MSI package on your computer.
Source Code I have not yet revised the source code to work with this version of the WinPSKX ActiveX Control SDK. You may wish to download the source code from the previous version and replace the WinPSKX control in those projects with the current version.


Lastly, I appreciate your interest in the WinPSKX control, and I welcome your suggestions and comments.

Updates since the original release

Release 2.1b - Public Release September 10, 2004

Release 2.1a - Public Release August 1, 2003

Release 2.1 - Public Release June 8, 2003

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